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The key to success: A delta audit furnishes an expressive
target / performance analysis for “data protection in the cloud”.


On what level are the measures that have been taken to protect personally identifiable information within the cloud services provided? Is the ISO/IEC 27018 Standard interpreted and implemented correctly? Is the system already mature for certification, or are important aspects still missing? As a voluntary system review, a CIS Stage Review gives information on the status of the elements of the Standard that have been implemented and will show strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement in detail.


A Stage Review or Delta Audit will be conducted by independent CIS Auditors and is recommendable before or during the phase when ISO/IEC 27018 is being implemented. The CIS Stage Review will furnish GlobusMitLupe_istockphoto_ohne_saettigung_fkan objective target / performance analysis or monitoring of project progress. For assessing the actual state, the individual requirements will be evaluated and compared to the specification profile

of ISO/IEC 27018. The result is an audit report, which

assesses strengths and weaknesses and states

opportunities for improvement. A CIS Stage Review

includes three elements:


• audit planning: a way to guarantee handling that is economically efficient
• conduct of the audit: evaluation of compliance with the requirements and of
strengths and weaknesses of the system
• audit report: detailed report, which makes a target / performance analysis and states
opportunities for improvement

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