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Despite increasing needs, there have, up to now, only been few Standards that can be used for certifying data center facilities and infrastructures as a whole. Besides the numerous general product standards and requirements relating to parts of buildings, facilities and systems, the American Standard ANSI/TIA-942, which is available in the applicable Revision “A” from 2012, presently is the only Standard to be known on an international scale and to provide a generally accessible infrastructural catalogue as a basis for a data center certification. Recognized associations as well as inspection and testing bodies make use of essential items of the criteria described in the Standard to classify a “data center location” acc. to a four-level rating system.


Integration in ISO 20000 and ISO 27001
Companies that already have a certified information security management system acc. to ISO 27001 or IT service management acc. to ISO 20000 and are thinking about certification as data centre facilities and infrastructures will ask the question for overlapping and integration: ANSI/TIA 942 and EN 50600 primarily are Standards defining the requirements relating to “data center locations”, their quality and their infrastructure. However, Part 1 also includes elements referring to the analysis of the business risk so stecker_eevl_Fotoliathat the acceptable level of overall availability of the “data center location” can be determined. Companies that already have experience and systematics based on ISO 27001 have an advantage. The

requirements relating to physical and environmental security overlap.

In the Series of Standards referring to data centre facilities and infrastructures, however, they are more detailed as far as the relevant requirements relating to data centre facilities and infrastructures are concerned. Thus integration is possible and can contribute to

reducing the expenditure for audits.

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