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Foto StartseiteAs a provider in the field of information and

communications technology, we want to offer a high quality

and security of the local data center to our customers.

Therefore, we will also actively use the

Data Center Certificate in our marketing.


Dr. Manfred Litzlbauer,
General Manager, Energie AG



In Europe and, above all, also in German speaking countries, the demand for the certification of data centers is increasing. Both the trend towards IT outsourcing and cloud computing make it necessary that the quality, efficiency, performance and security of a data center can be evidenced by a certificate issued by an independent certification body. Nowadays winning and maintaining the customers’ confidence have top priority.


In the American region, the topic of “data center certification” has been topical since 2005. At this moment, ANSI/TIA 942 (American National Standards Institute / Telecommunications Industry Association) was published. The “Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers” is an American Standard defining the minimum requirements an ICT infrastructure places on powerful and secure data centers. Up to the planned publication of the European Data Centre Standard EN 50600,

the computer startseiteaccredited Certification Body CIS will conduct all required
Data Center Certifications acc. to ANSI/TIA-942-A-2012, the American “special features” being interpreted correspondingly. As soon as EN 50600 is fully available, existing “Data Center Certificates”, which have been issued by CIS, will be updated acc. to EN 50600 in the course of Surveillance or Recertification Audits.

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