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racks_marrakeshh_Fotolia mit RandA Delta Audit throws light upon the status quo and
opportunities for improvement within the data center

At which level are the actions taken to foster quality and security within the data center, and what can you improve? A CIS Stage Review is a system review on a voluntary basis. This kind of Delta Audit helps to give a clear idea of the status of the Standard implemented and will give a detailed picture of strong and weak points and opportunities for improvement. A Stage Review will be conducted by independent CIS Auditors and is recommendable in the phase where ANSI/TIA 942 or EN 50600 is implemented. For if the number of actions taken is too low or too high, profitability will be lost. Therefore, the CIS Stage Review is suitable for reviewing project progress objectively. In order to analyze the actual state, the single requirements will be evaluated depending on the rating level (tier) selected and the statement of requirements established in ANSI/TIA 942 or EN 50600. The result is an audit report, including an assessment of strong and weak points as well as opportunities for improvement. A CIS Stage Review includes three elements:

  • Audit planning: serving to guarantee an economically efficient handling;
  • Audit procedure: evaluation of the requirements and the strong and weak points of the system;
  • Audit report: including a target/performance analysis and opportunities for improvement

For companies that are in a certification process acc. to ANSI/TIA 942 or EN 50600, a Stage Review proves to be a milestone on the way. In general terms this powerful tool provides excellent benchmarking for the quality and security level in data centers.


Experience report:

“At a two-day CIS Stage Review, we had our overall scope reviewed. This scope covers the whole data center with 16 racks and a capacity of 500 Terabytes. For us, the Stage Review was a helpful preparation for the envisaged certification. On the one hand, we have defined all persons responsible for the interviews made by the auditors and collected all documents and evidence even now. The relevant documentation includes architectural plans, statics, the cabling structure, power distribution, the carrying capacity of intermediate ceilings, fire resistance of doors and so on. This saves us relevant endeavours for the Certification Audit. On the other hand, we have obtained a detailed identification of the status of our data center acc. to the security levels of ANSI/TIA. Thus we exactly know what actions will still be required, what these actions will cost and how long their implementation will take. In our view, such a voluntary Delta Audit is an optimal preparation for certification.”
Dr. Manfred Litzlbauer, General Manager
Energie AG



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