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System and product certification

As an accredited certification partner, CIS is specialized in information security, data protection, cloud computing, IT services, computing centers as well as business continuity management.

Here is a brief overview:

ISO/IEC 27001: Highest protection of sensitive data and business-critical information

ISO/IEC 27701: Objective proof for GDPR-oriented data protection

ISO/IEC 27018: Data protection as a strong signal for your customers

ISO 27019: Develop measures further and protect energy supply systems

NIS-2 Review: Protect critical infrastructure according to NIS.

ISO/IEC 20000:
Continual improvement process as a competitive advantage

Blockchain Assessment:
Security and trust for your technical blockchain solution

ISO 22301: Proven contingency and disaster recovery plans can be life-saving

TISAX® Assessment: Security for automotive producers and suppliers

EN 50600: Quality, performance and security for your data center


If companies have a CIS Certificate, they are on the safe side. For in its function as an independent Certification Body, CIS is accredited federally for the certification of selected standards (ISO 27001, ISO 27701, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, ISO 27019, ENWG §11, ISO 20000 and ISO 22301) and thus subject to stringent directives. More details can be found here.

Trust connects

Initial interview – informative and non-binding

Please feel free to contact us: The CIS team is at your disposal for further information!

In a non-binding initial interview with experienced CIS auditors, the specific situation in the company, a possible time schedule and project scope will be highlighted.


Integrated management system and combined audits

The trend goes towards an integrated management system, which combines information security, IT Service Management, quality and environmental management in one uniform overall system. Superordinate strategy finding and planning processes can be designed significantly more efficiently.

Organizations report time and cost savings of far more than 20 percent. In practice the foundation for integrated overall systems is a well implemented ISO 9001 for quality management as the content of this standard has the broadest orientation. In general every standard based on the Annex SL is suitable. 

Read more about the benefits of integrated systems and combination audits here.

Advantages of an ISO certification

Lead: at requests for quotation

Confidence bonus: among customers and public authorities

Value added: higher business value of services

Evidencing: review made by an accredited body


Optimization: continual system improvement

Saving: of time-consuming single evidence

Legal validity: demonstration of due diligence before the court

Motivation: impulses for employees

The steps to your certification

We support you on the way to your certification. More details on how to achieve your certificate step by step can be found here.

1. Information
An initial interview with CIS furnishes details about the certification process. This is followed by registration and project planning.
2. Implementation
Establishing measures according to the requirements placed by the specific standard. CIS as an independant Certification Body is not involved.
3. CIS-STAGE-REVIEW (voluntary preliminary review)
Upon request, CIS will review the usefulness and efficiency of the implemented elements in the course of the project.
4. CIS-SYSTEM-&-RISK-REVIEW (preliminary review)
CIS reviews interpretation of the requirements placed by the standard as well as the documentation. Deficiencies and opportunities for improvement will be laid down in a short report. This preliminary review provides a basis for the certification audit.
The CIS Auditor reviews the managementsystem by making multiple samples on all levels of the organization. The audit report shows opportunities for improvement.
By obtaining the “Certificate Issuance & Right to Use Licence”, you obtain the CIS Certificate, which makes the quality of the ISMS and/or ITSMS visible even to your customers.
The Surveillance Audit, which is conducted once a year, reviews effectiveness of the overall managementsystem as well as continual improvement.
After 3 years, the Certificate, which has expired, can be renewed.

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