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Training and personnel certification

CIS Courses cover crucial components of standards, their interpretation and implementation as well as legal bases and psychology.

Implementing, operating and optimizing management systems effectively, auditing in a targeted manner and communicating efficiently. Any questions? Contact us! We are happy to help.

Your advantages?

The advantage in comparison to other seminars, trainings and courses in this field:

Due to the accreditation, CIS Personal Certificates for exams are considered as officially recognized documents with an excellent international reputation. With their expert knowledge CIS Lecturers meet the complex requirements of Information Security and IT Service Management: They still are or have been active full-time in these sectors and also act as auditors for system certifications. Thus a lot of knowledge and experience are fed into course contents. In this way our top-lecturers guarantee practice-oriented education at the highest level. A strategic move for your career.

Overview of our trainings


Admission to examinations

The admission conditions for each examination are stated in the CIS course content.

 Registration to an examination has to be done in writing with CIS, compliance with the admission conditions have to be demonstrated by the person applying for the Certificate. If the applicant has attended the trainings within the qualification programmes of CIS, the trainings will be recognized automatically if the applicant was present at least 80% of the period covered by the event. 

If a person applying for the Certificate wants to have other trainings credited, it is necessary to have the equivalence of these trainings with the certification programme stated. For stating this equivalence, a separate written application will have to be filed. A presentation of the trainings completed and a comparison with the requirements placed by the certification programme will have to be enclosed to this application. The respective requirements can be requested from the Certification Body. 

For reviewing conformity to the certification programme and topicality of the references provided by the person applying for the Certificate, a qualification check will be made. This check is made up of oral technical discussions lasting 30 to 60 minutes and will be carried. This consists of an oral technical discussion of 30 to 60 minutes and is carried out by an evaluator. As a basis, the defined training contents according to the certification program apply.

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