31. Jan 2024

Product and service certification for data centers

CIS is the first inspection body for EN 50600

Since November 2023, the certification body CIS - Certification & Information Security Services GmbH, which specializes in information security, has been the first Austrian testing company to offer the certificate for EN 50600 in accredited form.

EN 50600 is a European standard that relates to supplying and protecting data center (DC) facilities and infrastructures. The standard was developed to improve the efficiency, reliability and sustainability of data centers.


Numerous opportunities and advantages

EN 50600 is becoming increasingly important for companies as the dependency on digital technologies and data continues to grow rapidly and they therefore need to rely on a reliable energy supply, regulated environmental conditions and physical protection at an appropriate level of security. At the same time, cloud services, big data analytics and other data-intensive applications are increasingly being used, further underlining the importance of data centers. In November 2023, CIS became the only testing body in Austria authorized to offer accredited certifications in accordance with EN 50600 for data centre locations and their basic infrastructures and to issue internationally recognized certificates for data centre operators.

Harald Erkinger, CEO of CIS, sees the growing demand on the market as a major advantage of accredited certification: "CIS is the first Austrian certification body to offer the EN 50600 certificate in accredited form. This enables data centers to prove the physical security and availability of their IT infrastructures to their customers on the international market."

Peter Wörgötter, CIS network partner and product expert, also sees parallels with regard to the requirements of NIS 2 and the European Green Deal, which are addressed by EN 50600:

"The resilience, security and environmental compatibility of data centers - not only at the IT infrastructure level - is increasingly becoming the focus of attention in the wake of the NIS 2 directive and the European Green Deal. The EN 50600 series describes the recognized rules of technology for basic data center infrastructure services."

Data center operators therefore benefit from this accreditation in several ways. Would you like to find out more or need further information?

We will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

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