19. Sep 2023

Security | Privacy | Continuity

CIS Compliance Summit 2023

New Work - Potential or Provocation for Security & Privacy

Our societal understanding of work is undergoing a fundamental change. Work-life blending instead of work-life balance, more meaning instead of more salary, community feeling instead of ego shows, location and time-flexible remote work instead of nine-to-five in the office.

"New Work" addresses exactly this shift away from the previous performance-oriented society to a society that is at least as productive, in which individuals want, should, and can act autonomously.


Beautiful new, secure world? Between reality and appearance

It is obvious that "New Work" not only brings changes for employees, but also for companies. Cloud services, apps, mobile working, and access to sensitive data must be regulated, secured, and constantly scrutinized to prevent vulnerabilities from arising in the first place. According to a study by the American cybersecurity company Tenable, Inc., around 67% of business-damaging cyber attacks were specifically aimed at people working remotely. The establishment of a variety of "New Work" tools in daily business life thus opens up new entry points in terms of security and privacy.


Added value. Transparency. Resilience. Better safe than sorry.

Due to the growing complexity, not only a high level of cybersecurity and privacy measures is necessary - a comprehensive and far-reaching information security strategy per se is crucial. An all-in-one mix of employee awareness, professional training, and the highest management and security standards should be implemented sooner rather than later.

How can we balance between a secure working environment and an open corporate culture? To what extent are management systems a suitable tool to harness this seemingly endless potential of new processes, technologies, and security measures? What challenges and risks await us and how can we overcome them? These and many other questions will be answered by renowned experts at this year's CIS Compliance Summit.

At the CIS Compliance Summit on September 19, many speakers from the business, research, and other fields will shed light on this field of tension between opportunity and risk from different perspectives. The focus will be on bridging the gap between theory and practice, and we will discuss the role management systems play in the "New Work" world and, above all, how your company can use these changes to its advantage.

 Don't miss it - we look forward to seeing you there!

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Moderation: Robert Jamnik, Head of Audit Services, CIS

as of 08:45 a.m.: Welcome

09:25 a.m.: Opening
Dipl.-Ing. Harald Erkinger, CEO, CIS
Mag. Christoph Mondl, CEO, Quality Austria

09:40 a.m.: Sicherheit in der Ära der Künstlichen Intelligenz: Eine Betrachtung von ChatGPT
Mag. DI Marlies Temper, Studiengangsleiterin Data Intelligence & Data Science und Business Analytics, FH St. Pölten

10:20 a.m.: CISO of the Year Award
Dipl.-Ing. Harald Erkinger, CEO, CIS
FH-Prof. Mag. Dr. Simon Tjoa, Institut für IT Sicherheitsforschung, FH St. Pölten, CIS Komitee, Vorsitzender der Jury

11:10 a.m.: Coffee break

11:40 a.m.: CIS Summit event partners
Robert Jamnik, Head of Audit Services, CIS

11:55 a.m.: How Zero Trust enables the everywhere office
Jose Torre, ISM und Marco Kolbas, Senior System Administrator, fiskaly GmbH

12:15 p.m.: IT Security in workplace service delivery
Bernhard Bachofner, MBA, CTO, Fiegl & Spielberger GmbH

12:35 p.m.: Preparing for the European Cyber Resilience Act – Get your house in order before the new legislation hits!
Michael Brunner, Head of Security Engineering, Certainity GmbH
Ass.-Prof. Clemens Sauerwein, PhD, Assistenzprofessor für Security Engineering, Universität Innsbruck

13:05 p.m.: Lunch break

14:05 p.m.: Praxisgerechte Informationssicherheit im VUCA-Zeitalter
Gerlinde Macho, IT-Unternehmerin und Michael Bendl, COO, MP2 IT-Solutions

14:25 p.m.: Security governance integration in fast-growing environments
Nikola Dinic, CISO, Convotis Group

14:45 p.m.: IT-Security & Datensicherheit in der Praxis
Stefan Hofbauer, Information Security Manager, Volksbank Wien AG

15:15 p.m.: Coffee break

15:45 p.m.: Information security– important updates & news
Robert Jamnik, Head of Audit Services, CIS

16:05 p.m.: Closing remarks
Dipl.-Ing. Harald Erkinger, CEO, CIS

16:10 p.m.: Keynote
Christian Kargl

as of 16:50 p.m.: Business Networking

NEW – this year also in English

This year's CIS Compliance Summit will be translated simultaneously to English. Thus, all presentations will be supported with English subtitles on the screen. You have colleagues who feel more comfortable with English? We are looking forward to your registration!


To participate at the event a binding registration is needed.

The registration fee for the CIS Summit is EUR 190,- excl. VAT. After the event you will receive a voucher in the value of EUR 190,- which can be used for the public training offer of CIS. The voucher can be used to book public trainings and exams (booking by 31.12.2023; the training or exam can also take place in 2024). The voucher is not personalized and can therefore also be passed on to your colleagues.

However, we offer the possibility of a participation free of charge for the groups of persons outlined below.:

  • CIS customers and partners
  • Interested parties from organizations who have an increased need for information in the area of Security | Privacy | Continuity or for its implementation in their organization
  • Candidates of the „CISO of the Year“ competition and their colleagues from the same organization
  • CIS und qualityaustria auditors und trainers
  • Invited guests
  • Invited media representatives and editors

We kindly ask for your understanding, that other persons are not eligible for a registration free of charge.
We are pleased to offer your organization the opportunity to become a sponsor of our event – please don't hesitate to contact us for further information.

Registration deadline: Wednesday, September 13th 2023

You are not able to participate after all?
We kindly ask for your understanding, that in case of a no-show or a cancellation after September 13th 2023, a cancellation fee in the amount of half of the registration fee will be charged.
Please help us in keeping the waste of resources as low as possible and cancel your registration if you cannot participate after all. Thank you!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at office@cis-cert.com.

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