05. Jul 2023

Data protection and GDPR

A strong shield for our data in the era of artificial intelligence

In an increasingly digitized world, data is becoming more and more of a valuable asset that companies and organizations use to gain insights and improve their services. In light of this development, it is crucial that we can protect and control our personal data.

This is where the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into play. Since its introduction in 2018, the GDPR has had a significant impact on how data is collected, processed and used. Particularly in relation to Artificial Intelligence (AI), the GDPR is gaining importance as the use of AI technologies requires responsible and ethical handling of data. In this article, we will look at how the GDPR helps protect our data and why it plays an even more important role for AI right now – in times of increasing complexity and diversity.


GDPR as a crucial milestone

The GDPR is a crucial milestone in protecting our data and ensuring that we as individuals have more control over our personal information. It obliges companies to be transparent and responsible with the data they collect from us. By giving us the right to information, access, rectification and deletion of our data, the GDPR enables us to maintain our privacy and prevent unwanted use of our information.

AI demands greater involvement with data protection

Particularly in the era of artificial intelligence, the GDPR is becoming even more important. AI technologies rely on extensive data sets to recognize patterns and make predictions. Here, it is crucial that this data is collected and used ethically and legally. The GDPR ensures that AI systems are not trained in a discriminatory or biased way to avoid unfair or unreliable results. It also protects us from unwanted surveillance and manipulation by handling our data responsibly.

Data sovereignty: protecting data sovereignly

A central concept in the context of the GDPR and the protection of our data is data sovereignty. Data sovereignty refers to an individual's right to have control over their own data. It means that we can decide for ourselves what data we share and how it is used. By maintaining our data sovereignty, we can preserve our privacy, make personal choices, and maintain sovereignty over our digital selves. Data sovereignty plays a significant role in the tension between people and capital. Data has become a valuable asset that is exploited by businesses and capital interests. Here, it is important that control over our data is not subordinated to economic interests alone. By controlling our data and deciding how it is used, we can ensure that it is used for the benefit of society and individuals, rather than solely to serve capital interests.

The GDPR provides us with a strong shield for our data in the era of AI. It gives us control over our personal information, promotes the ethical use of AI, and helps ensure that data is used for the benefit of people. By using the GDPR as a foundation for protecting our data and maintaining our data sovereignty, we can ensure that we take advantage of the opportunities of AI responsibly and for the benefit of everyone.

Conclusion and outlook

The GDPR is an important milestone in data protection and plays a crucial role in the age of Artificial Intelligence. It protects our personal data, promotes the ethical use of AI, and enables us to maintain our data sovereignty. At a time when data has become a valuable resource, it is vital that our data is kept under our control and ensure that it serves the best interest of people, not just any capital interests.

By continuing to use the GDPR as a tool, we can ensure the balanced protection of our data and responsibly benefit from the opportunities presented by artificial intelligence.

About the author

Dominik Heidegger  joined the CIS team in 2023 as Audit Service Manager. As a specialist in the field of information and IT security for many years, he knows the challenges of the industry very well and is looking forward to the potentials of the future. Nevertheless, he also urges every customer to follow his personal motto: Security is a lifestyle - better safe than sorry.


Check out our data protection site to find further information on system certifications and training in the area of data protection and the GDPR.

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